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Murrick – Bro, the good guys, the shelf took the bumps. Well, definitely say pleasure. Raised easily, unhindered, in one word everything brightly. The terrain is compassionate, pleasant, quiet place. In general bros are similar, responsible people, nice Has a thing. I press my hand 🤝. Respect you bro (Today)

Oliver – Fuck, the fucking service operator is beautiful! )

Listens to customer’s wishes on delivery)

+ Popping is nice)

And yes on the quality of 5 gr bumps, this time dry and norm crumble in the hands, for the average part of 2 napas is a lot)

I can’t get myself together. (Today)

Margo – So simple and fast)), 1grm-sk. (Today)

Kolyan – I worked well. So I work. Today I have a day off smoking cones and eating rolls). (Today)

Serge – Everything is great

Full Weight + Bonus

And running around the factory

Oppa quickly adjusted the address next to me. 👍 (Today)

Mister – Winter-cold, and you will always be warmly greeted!!! Shipping works!!! Delivered to us in time, the bouquets are great, excellent, marijuana. (Yesterday)

Harry – the fastest possible delivery of Stafa. Thanks)). (Yesterday)

Bogdan – If you take 10 , exactly good price ! Heard about you good reviews from reputable users in addition….. (Yesterday)

Nikolos – Don’t hesitate to come in, the store is open 1g amf+5g shish. Thank you for speed!!! (Yesterday)

Jack – A-PVP White 0.25g+4lsd

Excellent service. (Yesterday)

Sid – Removed in touch as always, pink, place +, quantity good, quality as always at the height, connection with opera 10out of 10 . ( Yesterday)

Shaman – How cool you are, I watch your shop. Very attractive approach.

George – To try out your service. It’s nice to just read. Good Working Spirit to you ! (Yesterday)

Amelia – Well I gave a kent who treated me that he said the poison is the best. ( Yesterday)

Thomas – Picked up in touch, (2 mews) perfect. (Yesterday)

Oscar – Good uncle this seller. (Recently)

Jacob – And the price is different already…. Strongly sure/ 2g pvp (Recently)
Poppy – Thank You Bro Your Bumps Are A Bomb. (Recently)

Chloe – Friend!!! Everyone 🔥 🔥 🔥 😜 (Recently)

Lilya – Took the cannon 0.5k. (Recently)

Masha – Thank You ❤️0.5sk +5pcs Top (Recently)

Ava – As always the best 0.5met))) (Recently)

Mishuka – Shishki took. As expected the review thanks. (Recently)

James – Alpha 1g thanks withdrawn. (Recently)

It is unknown to say – Well, I can immediately eat a packet and a straw me paddling like a fool (Recently)

Liam – Excellent everything, opera thanks and kindness more!! )) . (Recently)

Lachlan – The only opera here. (Recently)

Thomas – Bratos thank you)) Review as requested)all tired supper, quality tomorrow check now want to sleep. (Recently)
William – Generously) (Recently)

Grace – You have given me instead of 1))))😁 (Recently)

Nick – thank you for withdrawing😊 4g shish (Recently)

Mark – Thanks bro shot, AMP fucked) opera respect👌 , chicken respect💪 . (Recently)

Noah – All ok received parcel (30rpm shish) dropped off comfortably. (Recently)

Jack – Kura is always the best. (Recently)

Charlotte – Good Chicken)) – (Recently)

Jack – all norms 1g salt + 2g bumps. (Recently)

Men85 – All as always 10 out of 10. One of the best shops Glovo. (Recently)

MaLxa – All Well)Thank- (Recently)

Oscar – Zvashev 5lsd . (Recently)

Isla  – Ww 10grm Top. (Recently)

Maikova Anna – Old Hoard is just a gun (2yeks) (Recently)

George – Rabbit fish at home, all taken in one time. Know the whole thing. (Recently)

Lelychka – Took. (Recently)

Daniluk Kostya – Very cool, Good shop, Take no fear (Recently)

Boss – Bumps High/ Shop Smooth! City (Recently)

Ethan – The hair dryer has taken . Exactly buddy from the heart. (Recently)

Nika – 👍 0.25cox 👍 You Poppy Prosperity Shop

Richard – Clear and on the spot. In touch.I will buy only from you. ++[ (Recently)

Harper – Understood in 2 addresses

Were 20 meters apart. Easy to touch

Shop Smooth (Recently)

Thomas – Gold mine all as always…. At a height of 1-alpha+5marks👌❤️🤘 Glovo nice, continue to please♥️♥️♥️♥♥️ the whole (recently)

William – Bro is all just a gun, your hair dryer is better than the one taken from the preseller, so let’s be on a specific ligament😜👍👍👍 (Recently)

Thomas – Took the treasure in touch) quality as always pleases) (Recently)

Kid – Picked up in touch 2rpm amf powder weight in weight, Thanks to store+10 (Recently)

Jessica – Taken. All Ok (Recently)

Wiley Fox – Thank you very much, took everything as usual clear. (Recently

Isabella – Bro ❤️ picked up, thank you, sorry that without photos. (Recently)

Charlotte – Everything cool, 🤙 0.5sk thanks. (Recently)

Jack – Buddy, I took.😱😱😱 Kiev Thanks Bro. (Recently)

Ethan – Have All Super 1.5sol. (Recently)

Lucas587 – Tel. sat down, later photo kinu. (Recently)

Liam – Broh ATP (0.5grm-mdma+2grm-chishek). (Recently)

Lachlan – Broh, took in touch, 1g shish grateful. (Recently)

Ella – Everyone, on Mai…. In touch, glad you’re with the New Powers in Business! Quality Hour (Recently)

Oliver – Oh, thanks 1rpm pvp (Recently)

Emily – AMPHETAMINE 0.5g (Recently)

Alexander – MEPHEDRONE 0.25g (Recently)

Michael – Was under the stone 0.5 amf. CONVENIENT (Recently)

Ethan11 – A-PVP White 1g (Long ago)

William – Zer Good. Fantastic Coke (Long Ago)

Jacob – ECSTASY 1pcs taken (Long ago)

Noah – All taken 1pcs of ecstasy all super in poo))) (Long ago)

Mason – took 1g of the hairdryer, very quickly and near ☺️👍 (Long ago)

Liam – Sps. At the highest level) as always (Long)

Richard – All right! Up (Long Ago)

David – Bro, everything is clearly 5g lumps, and even by weight, weighed everything perfectly, thank you very much separately Crooked Horn ( Long ago)

Adam – A-PVP White 0.25g. Magaz super, as for me, Saporty, especially, Tesla tablet special thanks. (Long ago)


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